About El Rio Fastpitch

El Rio Fastpitch, Inc. proudly serves the community of El Rio and Oxnard, CA since the 1960's.

Our league is built on family and deep-rooted community traditions.

El Rio Fastpitch, Inc. is a non-profit girl's fast pitch league sanctioned under USA Softball of Southern California. El Rio Fastpitch features divisions for ages 4-15. We are committed to helping the young girls of our community. Our intentions are to promote sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, confidence, and health through the game of Softball.

Girls of all skill levels are welcome to join. Experience is not required.

ERFP is a non-profit league that is wholly run by donations, fundraising and annual fees charged to participants for regular and All-Star seasons. We lean on our community, parents and members for support throughout the years and appreciate the unwavering amount of support from our local community businesses and vendors.

All board members, managers, coaches and parent volunteers are required to undergo a background check and SafeSport training under USA Softball's guidance.  Girls of all skill levels are welcome to join. Experience is not required.

BOARD NOMINATIONS FOR 2024-2025 FISCAL YEAR: https://forms.gle/mUZZ2hhaMekm6CHB6

Our Volunteer Board of Directors

  • Albert Trevino, Director/ President + UIC

  • Angelina Lopez, Director/ Vice President

  • Aaron Ramirez, Director/ Treasurer

  • Crystal Martinez, Director/ Secretary

  • Oscar Morones, Director/ Field Management

  • Erika Rodriguez, Director/ Coordinator

  • Laura Camarillo, Director and District Liaison

LEAGUE EMAIL:  elrioasa@gmail.com 

LEAGUE MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 52202, Oxnard CA 93031

LEAGUE TAX ID: 81-4322282



Co-Ed BlastBall 

BlastBall is meant for children who are 4 years old or younger at the start of our spring season.  Team size ranges from 6-8 kids per team. Some basic equipment is provided to the coach. Parent involvement is encouraged. Schedules are determined after registration and matched up with field availability. Typically, at this level we play games on Saturday and once during the week.

As this is an entry-level/ young division practices are typically held once a week, at the coach's discretion. The goal is fun and to start getting them ready for T-ball and Coach Pitch.

Uniforms and trophies are provided at this level.

BlastBall is meant to put FUN into the game of Baseball/Softball. It is designed to generate fast-paced action, provide recreation and exercise, create enthusiasm and thru simplicity, allow retention of youth participants in the game.

6U Division:

The 6U Division is a developmental softball training program for recreation level softball players ages 5-6 who are looking for the next step. Division is coach pitch as well as T-ball. No standings will be kept throughout the season.

8U Division:

8U Division is a developmental division for 7–8-year-old players. At this age it is extremely important for players to master the skills and fundamentals needed to progress in softball at the older ages. This division is player pitch with modified rules.

10U Division:

10U Division is for those girls aged 9-10 who want a more advanced level of softball. There are still some modified rules for this division.

12U/14U Division:

12U and 14U and up are divisions for those girls aged 12-14 who want to compete in softball. USA rules apply for these divisions.

Select Teams:

Select Teams are available for the 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U divisions and it's for those girls who want a more rigorous schedule and game schedule than recreational softball. Select softball is a commitment to practice additionally to your recreational team and play additional games on Sundays. Select team participants are assessed and drafted during our regular season assessments. Select teams are not the same as All-Star teams and in no way a guaranteed a spot on the post-season All-Star teams.  Select Managers are selected by the Board of Directors.  The Select Manager may select their coaching staff after the teams are drafted. All managers and coaching staff must be in good standing with the league, including background check and SafeSport training. All fees and cost associated with the Select Teams are a direct cost to each individual player.